2016 1040EZ Tax Form PDF

2016 1040EZ Tax Form PDF
2016 1040EZ Tax Form PDF File Published By The IRS

Free printable 2016 1040EZ Tax Form PDF file published by the IRS that you can view, save, and print to complete your 2016 Form 1040EZ federal income tax return. For the 2016 tax year, your completed 2016 1040EZ Tax Form was due on April 18, 2017.

2016 1040EZ Tax Form And Instructions

2016 1040EZ Tax Form (PDF)
2016 1040EZ Instructions (PDF)

What's inside the 2016 1040EZ tax form instructions PDF:

  • Do you need to file an income tax return for 2016.
  • Due dates for the 2016 1040EZ tax form.
  • What to do if you owe back taxes and can't pay.
  • Line item instructions for the 2016 1040EZ tax form.
  • 2016 Earned Income Credit (EIC) instructions.
  • Mailing address for where to mail your 2016 1040EZ form.
  • Tax table to use with the 2016 1040EZ form.

Visit our 1040EZ page to view PDF files for the current federal income tax year. Free printable 1040 and 1040A PDF files are also available on our website.

Form 1040EZ Says I'm Due A Refund From 2016

The IRS will not charge you a failure to file penalty if you are filing late and expect to receive a 2016 income tax refund. If that best describes your situation, don't stress yourself out. Just prepare your income tax forms and mail them in as soon as possible. You have approximately three years to claim a federal income tax refund. If you file late and claim a federal income tax refund three years after its filing due date, the IRS will simply not pay you the refund.

Form 1040EZ Says I Owe Back Taxes From 2016

If you file your 2016 1040EZ tax form late and owe taxes, you may be charged a failure to file penalty unless you have reasonable cause for filing late. Furthermore, interest is charged on any taxes and penalties not paid by the due date, April 18, 2017, even if you received an extension of time to file. There's no statute of limitations for assessing and collecting federal income tax if no income tax return has been filed.

The first thing you should do is complete your 2016 1040EZ tax forms to figure out exactly how much you owe in back taxes. Maybe it's a little, maybe it's a lot. Knowing exactly how much you owe in back taxes for income tax year 2016 may help you sleep better tonight.

To help keep federal income tax interest and penalties to a minimum, mail in your 2016 1040EZ tax form as soon as possible. If you owe back taxes and can't pay, the IRS will generally allow you to establish a payment plan after they have processed your return.

If the IRS offers you a reduced settlement amount for payment in full, consider obtaining a personal or home equity loan from your bank or local credit union. Doing so may greatly reduce the amount you pay in past due federal income tax, penalties, and interest.

Reference: 2016 1040EZ Tax Form Instructions, published by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service IRS.

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