Georgia Form IND-CR 2016

Georgia Form IND-CR 2016
Georgia Form IND-CR 2016 Summary Worksheet

The printable Georgia Form IND-CR for 2016 can be found within the State of Georgia Department of Revenue 2016 Individual Income Tax 500 and 500EZ Forms and General Instructions booklet published by the Georgia Department of Revenue. This booklet is listed on our Georgia Tax Forms page along with a list of other frequently required income tax schedules, vouchers, and request forms published by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

The Georgia tax forms and instructions booklet contains the basic forms most resident and non-resident tax payers will need. In regards to Georgia Form IND-CR 2016, there are ten: one for each of the nine Georgia credit types and one summary worksheet.

  • Form IND-CR - Summary Schedule Worksheet
  • Form IND-CR 201 - Disabled Person Home Purchase or Retrofit
  • Form IND-CR 202 - Child and Dependent Care Expense Credit
  • Form IND-CR 203 - Georgia National Guard/Air National Guard
  • Form IND-CR 204 - Qualified Caregiving Expense Credit
  • Form IND-CR 205 - Driver Education Credit
  • Form IND-CR 206 - Disaster Assistance Credit
  • Form IND-CR 207 - Rural Physicians Credit
  • Form IND-CR 208 - Adoption of a Foster Child Credit
  • Form IND-CR 209 - Eligible Single-Family Residence Tax Credit

When you complete your Georgia Form 500 or Georgia Form 500EZ, you will need to attach the IND-CR series 200 credit forms for the credits to be allowed on your tax return. If you have a credit carryover from a previous year, don’t forget to claim it this year or continue to carryover into next year.

Last updated: March 28, 2017

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