How To Get Federal Income Tax Forms By Mail

How To Get Federal Income Tax Forms By Mail
Order For IRS 1040EZ Tax Forms and Instructions By Mail

Federal income tax forms and instructions booklet can be obtained by mail, please just don't ask us to mail them to you. You can request most of the federal tax forms by mail directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) free of charge. The IRS allows you to order up to 100 copies of each federal tax form by mail, along with five copies of each instruction booklet by mail. That's more than enough for the individual taxpayer.

How To Order Federal Tax Forms By Mail

  1. Visit the IRS order forms by mail page.
  2. Enter the income tax form name or number into the search box, 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040ES as examples.
  3. Select the income tax form and instruction booklet that you want to order by mail, then click Add To Cart.
  4. View your cart to update the quantity of tax forms to receive by mail, then click the gray Checkout button when ready.
  5. Enter your shipping address and confirm your order.

The IRS will process and ship your federal tax forms by mail with 10 business days. If the federal income tax form, instructions booklet, or publication is not available when you place your order, the IRS will mail it to you when it becomes available. The hardest part of the ordering process is finding that dated old gray search input box on the IRS Forms and Publications by U.S. Mail page.

Download printable federal income tax forms and instructions booklets in PDF format here if you need to complete your IRS income tax return today.

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