2016 1040A Instructions Booklet

2016 1040A Instructions Booklet
2016 1040A Instructions Booklet Published By The IRS

2016 1040A Printable PDF Files:

The IRS has updated and published the printable 2016 1040A Instructions Booklet and tax table. Each income tax filing season the IRS usually publishes the 1040A form and 1040A instructions booklet in the month of December. Last year the 1040A instructions booklet was delayed until January due to last minute income tax law changes. Use the 2016 1040A Form and 2016 1040A Instructions Booklet file links above to view, save, and print the instructions and form for free.

Inside the 2016 1040A Instructions Booklet you will find:

  • Do I need to file an income tax return chart.
  • Form 1040A due date.
  • Line instructions for Form 1040A.
  • Earned Income Credit (EIC) instructions.
  • Mailing address for where to send your forms.
  • IRS income tax table to use with Form 1040A.

The IRS began processing paper and electronically filed income tax returns on January 23, 2017. You can print, fill-in, and mail your 2016 Form 1040A now if you are ready to do so. Forms W-2 from employers, Forms 1099 from banks and sub-contract work, and other important tax documents are generally due to you by February 1, 2017 which has already passed. You should contact your employer's payroll department immediately if you have not received your W-2 by now and ask for a copy.

Not a Short Form 1040A filer? You can obtain the printable form and instructions PDF files for Easy Form 1040EZ and Long Form 1040 here.

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