Eight States Still Have Not Published 2015 Income Tax Forms

New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Vermont are the eight states which have not yet published their 2015 income tax forms upon our last review January 12, 2016. When will these state income tax forms be published? Some of these states have made loose commitments on their websites such as mid to late January, others have left taxpayers guessing. The mid to late January date range seems to coinside with the IRS open date of January 19, 2016. residents of these states trying to get a head start preparing a personal income tax return, might have to wait until then to begin.

When will printable income tax forms become available for these states?

January 19, 2016 is our best guess. View a state link above to determine if their income tax forms are now available.

When printing income tax forms from our website, please ensure that every form displays the correct tax year. That's 2015 for all current year federal and state income tax forms. Never attempt to change the year on a form, from 2014 to 2015, for example. It just will not work. Even worse, your intended tax filing year information will be considered unfiled, possibly subjecting you to late filing penalties and interest if you owe federal or state income taxes.

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