IRS 1040ES Estimated Tax Payment Online Using Direct Pay

2015 1040ES Direct Pay IRS Estimated Tax Payment
Apply IRS Tax Payment To 1040ES Estimated Income Tax

The IRS Direct Pay service is a great no cost way to make and lookup your 1040ES estimated income tax payments at any time throughout the calendar year. In the example image above, we are using Direct Pay to make a 1040ES Estimated Tax payment for the 2015 tax period. Notice in the Apply Payment To section of the image options exist to make payments towards your 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040ES, 1040X, 4868, 5329, Civil Penalty, and Health Care income tax filings.

There are five steps to make a 1040ES estimated tax payment online using Direct Pay, the hardest of which is to verify your identity. We suggest that you have any mailing label(s) previously received from the IRS in hand when completing these steps. The name and address you yourself enter on your 1040ES payment coupon each quarter, for example, might differ slightly from what the IRS prints on your customized 1040ES payment coupons.

  1. Select payment type and year.
  2. Verify identity.
  3. Enter bank account information.
  4. Electronically sign the transaction.
  5. Print or save confirmation number.

The IRS Direct Pay service eliminates the 2% to 3% convenience fee incurred if you pay your income tax by credit card online. The IRS will withdrawal your payment directly from your checking or savings account and you will receive instant confirmation that your payment has been submitted. You can schedule payments for a future date up to the income tax return due date. As a safety feature, the IRS will not retain your bank account information after a payment is made.

Making an estimated payment online using IRS Direct Pay eliminates the need to submit and mail in a 1040ES payment voucher. Already made one, two, three, or more estimated payments through Direct Pay? The best part of the service is being able to look up your payment details and status online, while completing your 1040 long form at year end, for example. And if you make a mistake, you can modify or cancel a payment until two business days before your payment date.

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