IRS eFile Opens 1/15/2010

IRS begins the 2009 income tax return season this month and has announced that IRS efile opens on January 15, 2010. IRS efile as we discuss on our web site is the process of filing out your federal income tax return and sending it to the IRS electronically versus sending your income tax return to the IRS through the mail.

According to theĀ IRS web site, the efile service rolled out nationally in 1990 and delivered 4.2 million income tax returns. Last year the IRS efile service delivered over 95 million income tax returns or about 66% of all filed tax returns.

The free tax software found on our web site can be used to efile your IRS tax forms online or through the purchase of premium software. To get your income tax refund as fast as possible, choose the direct deposit option. The leading income tax software providers H&R Block, Turbo Tax, and Tax Act are quoting 8 days as the number of days to receive your IRS tax refund using the direct deposit option. The IRS states “in as few as 10 days” on their web site.

In contrast if you are planning to mail in your IRS tax refund and receive an IRS refund check by mail, that could take up to 6 weeks! For sure it is much faster to efile.

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