Schedule B - Interest and Ordinary Dividends
Printable Tax Form And Instructions 2017, 2016, 2015

Page one of IRS Form 1040A and Form 1040 both request that you attach Schedule B if required to support your taxable interest and dividend income amounts. You can not file Schedule B with the shortest IRS Form 1040EZ.

The first page of form Schedule B asks that you list the name of each payer, the amount paid, and also to disclose any foreign country financial accounts. The second page of Schedule B contains the general instructions for the form.

Examples of when to use Schedule B:

  • Over $1,500 of taxable interest income.
  • Over $1,500 of ordinary dividend income.
  • Accrued interest from a bond.
  • Exclusion of interest from series EE or I US savings bonds.
  • Financial account or trust in a foreign country (FBAR).
  • Interest income from a seller financed mortgage.

Schedule B Tax Form And Instructions

Click any of the federal IRS Schedule B tax form links below to download, view, print, edit, or save as a PDF file for the corresponding year. These free PDF files are unaltered and are pulled directly from the publisher.

Schedule B Tax Form And Instructions 2017

Schedule B Tax Form And Instructions 2016

Schedule B Tax Form And Instructions 2015

Schedule B tax forms and instructions booklet are generally updated in December of each year by the IRS. If updated, the 2017 tax year PDF file will display, the prior tax year 2016 if not. Last year, many of the individual income tax forms were published late in December, with instructions booklet following in early January due to last minute legislative changes.

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