TaxCut Is Now H&R Block At Home

TaxCut is now called H&R Block At Home. The name change from TaxCut to H&R Block At Home was announced in December 2009 as H&R Block readied themselves for the tax season. Since we're talking about a name change, the TaxCut product that you hoped to purchase is basically now called H&R Block At Home. You can still import your prior year information from TaxCut (or any other tax software). Visit our H&R Block web page to get the equivalent of TaxCut Free and to see a list of the current tax software offerings by H&R Block.

In a December conference call regarding the company financial results, Robert Turtledove, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said the following: "Without being overly dramatic, we are now harnessing the might and power of a brand with almost 100-percent awareness behind our digital products and the fight for digital share. I've got to tell you, we know it's the right thing to do and it's about time. I'm not sure why we shied away from it but we're doing it."

We're not sure why they shied away for so long either. At least now their name is on the box. Less confusion for everyone!

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